As you have probably already noticed, our nation's security is now threatened by a new threat: a particularly virulent strain of patriotism. Apparently, this hideous disease is extremely contagious. While there is no known cure, it is a well known fact that clear thinking and subversive irony are effective prophylactics.

One of the earliest symptoms is flag waving -- note Mayor Willie Brown's posters in every shop window featuring the American flag as shopping bag (obviously a new hybrid, merging the patriotism virus with the well-known consumerism virus).

This poster has now been corrected, and is being supplied to you here as a high quality jpeg. If you have access to a color printer, you may want to print it out and pass it around as a way of protecting yourself and those you love from this recent outbreak of hysteria. (However, be aware that public displays of anti-nationalist irony have been known to inflame the affliction in those already infected.)

Happy posting!